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About Us

About Ravenna Cruise Port

Ravenna Cruise Port is the company that manages the general services of the logistics platform for cruise ships in the Ravenna port since 2016, when it became part of the large family of Global Ports Holding, the most important independent operator of cruise terminals in the world.

City of Romagna region, Ravenna is a place rich in history and art. In its past, it was the capital three times: of the Western Roman Empire, of the Ostrogoths Kingdom and of the Byzantine Exarchate. Thanks to these important vestiges, the complex of the first Christian monuments of Ravenna has been included, since 1996, in the list of Italian heritage sites of humanity by UNESCO. Ravenna is a city rich also of sea and nature. Its emblematic landscapes are characterized by the greatest artistic heritage of the world immersed in natural resources of great charm. It’s possible to enjoy its beauties by bike, through a long system of cycle paths that soon will connect the cruise terminal to the city, and practicing outdoor sports, such as golf. Ravenna is one of the top destinations for this game, thanks to the numerous courts in its area, including a new one of water golf.

The city is also well known for its food tradition, with some delicious specialties such as piadina and cappelletti, as well as for its beaches and night life.Its proximity to Venice, Bologna, Florence and the independent Republic of San Marino make it an attractive cruise destination.

The mission in Ravenna is to increase passenger traffic to make the city a privileged reference point for cruise lines. For this purpose, Ravenna Cruise Port carries out a constant activity of promotion of the port, of the city and of all the region, with direct actions towards the Cruise Lines and through the participation in the most important international cruise fairs.

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Viking Jupiter Maiden Call

Maiden Call ceremony for the newborn Viking Jupiter, who for the occasion also carried out complete turnaround operations in Ravenna port.

Maratona di Ravenna Città d'Arte

Global Ports Holding sponsors the XIX edition of the Maratona di Ravenna Città d'Arte.

Ravenna Cruise Port

Global Ports Holding acquires operation rights of Ravenna Cruise Port.

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