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Marina di Ravenna - Tour from Porto Corsini

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Marina di Ravenna - Tour from Porto Corsini

The area surrounding Porto Corsini is also full of interesting places: one of these is Marina di Ravenna, a beautiful seaside town where you can relax, play sports and eat great Italian food.

Marina di Ravenna - Tour from Porto Corsini
  • Marina di Ravenna - beach and town

    Marina di Ravenna was the first seaside area on the Ravenna coast completely dedicated to tourism since the 1930s. Today it presents itself as a dynamic location, with clubs and bathing establishments and a tourist-hotel organization of great experience and tradition. Immersed in a vast coastal pinewood, the town is also appreciated for its traditional cuisine based on fish.

    The city hosts an important tourist port, Marinara, that makes Marina di Ravenna a renowned destination for regattas, taking place all year round.

  • MAS - National Museum of Underwater Activities

    The museum is the first and only structure of this kind in Italy: it displays a rich collection of materials, equipment, prints and dioramas, explained by panels that illustrate the world of underwater activities.

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